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The Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation is a curated screening series focusing on experimental animation. Festival programs showcase outstanding experimental animation of all sorts, and include classic films and contemporary works.

Eyeworks concentrates on works made by individual artists, drawing on the tradition of classic cartoon animation, and the lineages of avant-garde and underground cinema. The aim of Eyeworks is to present works that engage the enormous potential inherent in the art form of animation, and to show pieces that use animation as part of distinctly personal, conceptual, exploratory, and critical practices. The Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation was founded in 2010, and is based in Los Angeles. David OReilly, Lori Damiano, Nancy Andrews, Caleb Wood, Takeshi Murata, Martin Arnold, Jacolby Satterwhite, Naoyuki Tsuji, Janie Geiser, Barry Doupé, and Laura Harrison have been featured as festival guests, with retrospective screenings.


Eyeworks is a curated screening series and does not have an open call for submissions.

Festival directors: Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré

Eyeworks vimeo page

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