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Eyeworks 2019

Oct. 12, REDCAT, Los Angeles

Nov. 2, Block Cinema, Chicago

Nov. 13, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn


2019 Eyeworks Image by Josh Mannis

Screening before all programs:

Dina Kelberman - Smoke & Fire



Bruce Bickford - Attila

Allison Schulnik - Moth

Robert Breer - Form Phases IV

Kevin Eskew - Now 2

Laura Harrison - Tears For Narcissus

Lindsay Packer - Motion At A Distance

Barbara Hammer & Barbara Klutinis - Pools

Annapurna Kumar - Something to Treasure

Peter Foldes - Hunger

Klaus Schuster - Free characters

Phil Solomon - Rehearsals for Retirement



Loïc Kreyden - Hier

Sebastian Buerkner - Purple Grey

Jane Aaron - Traveling Light

Richard Negre - Intermediate Landscapes

James Gore - Dream of the Sphynx

Xander Marro - L'Eye

Janie Geiser - Terrace 49

Sara Ludy - Body Wave

James Lowne - Our Relationships will Become Radiant

Suzan Pitt - Asparagus


PROGRAM 3: Festival guest Janie Geiser

The Red Book, 16mm,1994

Immer Zu, 16mm, 1997

The Secret Story, 16mm, 1996

The Fourth Watch, 16mm, 2000

The Floor of the World, 16mm on video, 2010

Fluorescent Girl, video, 2018 (Los Angeles premiere)

Reverse Shadow, video, 2019 (World premiere)

Valeria Street, video, 2018 (Los Angeles premiere)

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