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Eyeworks 2010

Nov. 6, DePaul University, Chicago


Looping works from Gwyneth Anderson, Kevin Eskew, Laura Heit, Jodie Mack, and Dash Shaw installed in the theater lobby


Adam Beckett, Heavy Light

Robert Breer, Bang

Sally Cruikshank, Make Me Psychic

Larry Cuba, Two Space

Howard Danelowitz, Inside Out

James Duesing, Impetigo

Paul Glabicki, Five Improvisations

Stuart Hilton, Save Me

Jonathan Hodgson, Nightclub

Al Jarnow, Autosong

Henry Selick, Seepage

Steven Subotnick, Hairyman

Chris Sullivan, Master of Ceremonies


Lisa Barcy, Mermaid

Thorsten Fleisch, Dromosphere

Stefan Gruber, Petting Zoo 1 & 2

Inger Lise Hansen, Travelling Fields

Andy Kennedy, Accumulonimbus

Amy Lockhart, The Collagist

Matt Marsden, Worm Room

Winona Regan, Haunted Heart

Dash Shaw, The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D

Kyle Sullivan, Esthesia

Jim Trainor, The Presentation Theme

Aaron Wendel, Dwellings

PROGRAM 3: Festival guest David OReilly

Octocat Adventures, 2008

Please Say Something, 2009

Black Lake, 2009

?????, 2009

The External World, 2011

with additional films by O'Reilly, and a selection of works by other filmmakers who have influenced him. 


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